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Dedicated & Success Driven

Adam Hundley began HTX Marketing Group after building a successful marketing department for a small local law firm in Houston, Texas, and found a passion for helping small businesses grow to their full potential.

After obtaining a degree in Paralegal Studies, being hired to run a marketing department was not something he expected, but was something that he grew to love. Learning from the ground up, Adam found himself immersed in acronyms he learned quickly to help propel the company further than what was expected. Tracking return on investments (ROI), learning how to publish campaigns in robust CRMs, write copy for paid ads, working with Google Analytics, and laying the groundwork for a published weekly newsletter are a few things that were learned firsthand - not in a classroom.

Not having a formal education in marketing may steer you away from this company, but going from knowing nothing about marketing (much like many other business owners) to helping grow small businesses hand-in-hand with their owner is something that is beneficial to both parties. Working with a company that has learned from scratch will allow you to have a sense of understanding when it comes to growing your business your way - not other agencies' ways.

Don't worry, our team has since obtained certifications to ensure our clients receive the best service and have also been featured as a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Houston!

HTX Marketing Group was founded on the belief of helping small businesses thrive in a market that is flooded with big box-style retailers. Helping you grow allows us to grow ourselves. It's a win-win for both parties involved in the process.

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