Pay-Per-Click For Fast Results

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads through search engines such as Google have dominated the digital advertisement game for many years. If you are looking to get in front of new prospects fast, then PPC may be one of your best options.

With PPC, you can advertise your business and services and show up when your ideal prospect types a certain keyword in their search bar. Your ad (depending on the keywords you choose and your ad spend budget, of course) will show up. The goal is to get your ad to the top of the search results page to get the prospect to click on the ad. HTX Marketing Group wants to watch your results from PPC soar, because although you are paying "per click," you are gaining more leads at the same time.

What does "ad spend" mean?

"Ad spend" is a term that is used to determine how much you are wanting to spend on any given ad. Whether it is a pay-per-click ad, local services ad, or an ad placed on a social media platform, you should always account for a budget you are willing to spend to get the maximum results.

A/B Testing

Are you unsure of what keywords will perform best for your business? That is exactly what A/B Testing is for! Schedule a call today to find out how we can assist you to find the best keywords to achieve the maximum results. Which door will you choose to walk through?

Bi-Weekly & Monthly Meetings

Whether it is via Zoom or a phone conference with your team, we strive to show you real-time results based on your package tier prior to your monthly analysis. In this meeting, we will address any questions you have regarding your ad campaign and discuss any design changes that need to be made either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your service plan.

What Is Included In Ad Management?

Trusting HTX Marketing Group to manage your ad accounts will allow you to sit back, relax, and run your business knowing that you are in good hands while getting new leads, prospective clients, and new customers. We offer packages at the Basic, Professional, and Premium levels. Each level comes with what is listed below and will include add-ons based on the level of your choosing. Depending on your preference, these ads can be managed from your own Ad Manager profile or ours. If you do not currently have an Ad Manager profile, we will assist you in creating one.

  • Account Setup (if needed)

  • Personal Ad Account Manager

  • Performance Analysis

  • Monthly Advertisement Results Report

  • Cost Analysis and Report

  • Bid Management

  • Ad Placement & Targeting Adjustments

  • Ad Copy Optimization

  • Ad Design

  • Ongoing Keyword Optimization

  • Ad Submission

  • Campaign Improvement Recommendations


  • Everything listed above plus

  • Track up to 50 Keywords

  • 1 Design Change


  • Bi-Weekly Meetings with your Account Manager

  • A/B Testing

  • Track up to 120 Keywords

  • 2 Design Changes


  • Bi-Weekly Meetings with your Account Manager

  • A/B Testing

  • Geo-targeting Strategy

  • Unlimited Keywords

  • Unlimited Design Changes

** Your ad spend is in addition to the management service fee. Your budget can increase or decrease as often as you would like, but the management fee will remain the same unless you switch to a different monthly plan. **