Special Feature Announcement!

HTX Marketing Group's Feature in UpCity!

If you haven't noticed our team's awards and certifications, you should see all the accomplishments HTX Marketing Group has achieved.

In addition to being named one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Houston for two years in a row by Expertise, our team has been featured on other awards websites like Top Design Firms and UpCity!

Our team continues to strive to provide relevant information for not only our clients but all of the solopreneurs and can-be entrepreneurs that surf the internet daily for tips and advice on what to do to either grow their existing business or help with getting a new one off of the ground. HTX Marketing Group has already been named a Top Digital Agency by UpCity, but we have most recently been published in their publication Social Media Marketing Tips for Better Brand Recognition!

This publication is one of many articles published by UpCity that provides valuable insight to business owners who are looking for ways to improve their business by getting tips from business owners themselves. When reading through the article, pay close attention to the contributor for the portion that covers the importance of using relevant captions and hashtags when creating social media content. Spoiler! It's HTX Marketing Group's very own founder, Adam Hundley!

Adam goes on to mention that it is important to use relevant hashtags and captions when creating social media content for your business and what may happen if irrelevant content is used.

Click here to read the full article!

Thank you to UpCity for allowing us to be a contributor to your invaluable publications that serve as a top resource for business owners!

If you are needing assistance in creating content for your social media channels that will compel your audience to act, schedule your free strategy call with our team today to see how HTX Marketing Group can help you by clicking the button below!

Written by Adam Hundley

Published on March 16, 2022

Adam is the Founder of HTX Marketing Group. After realizing an unexpected passion of helping small businesses grow when growing the marketing department at a local law firm, he decided to turn his passion into a bigger project and founded HTX Marketing Group. He strongly believes in working in tandem with business owners and their staff to ensure that the businesses they worked hard to open sees the growth and success to keep them going.

HTX Marketing Group is not your normal Marketing Agency. We work with you to grow your business your way. Not growing fast enough? We can help. Growing at a steady rate, but want more results? We can help. Whether it is paid ads on social media or search engines, creating content for your website or social media channels, newsletters to keep your existing clients and customers front of mind, or coaching your team how to run your marketing department on autopilot, HTX Marketing Group will guide you.

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