Marketing Tip #17

Why Creating Content is Important to Grow Your Business

If you have dabbled in the marketing procedures to grow your business, then you have heard the phrase "content is king." Content can mean many different things such as website content, social media posts, blogs, and newsletters. Having content where your audience finds you will position you to be in an authoritative position in your industry, especially if you are consistently adding content for your audience to read and engage with.

If you are struggling to keep relevant content flowing to your audience, then keep reading to understand why it is important to produce content regularly:

Content is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing industry

It's no wonder that many websites, blogs, and companies have their own content writers who write articles for them. Many people think that content is an important element when they are promoting a product, but a company needs more than just good content. Good content doesn't necessarily mean that your visitors will stay longer on your site. In addition, having good content is not the only factor that determines the success of a business. Your content should be relevant to the audience you are wanting to attract to your product or business. If you publish irrelevant content, it can actually harm your business. Your content should be helpful and insightful, and ultimately solve your audience's problem and answer their questions.

Content plays a huge role in search engine optimization (SEO) and web traffic.

Content plays a huge role in your SEO strategy to generate web traffic. It helps to get your site ranked higher in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) and is one of the most important factors in how well you show up in organic searches conducted online. Your content should also include keywords relevant to the product or service you are offering so that it will be easier for search engines to find it and to ensure you are drawing the audience you are wanting to attract to your website.

In general, people are more likely to click on a link or visit a website if they see the content they want to see. There are many benefits of content marketing that you should be taking advantage of. Keep reading to learn the benefits of having a content marketing strategy in place to help grow your business:

Increased visibility of your website and brand

Having a well-written, informative website with relative content that your ideal prospect is looking for can increase your search engine rankings. This means that the more content you have on your website that will help answer a question a potential customer has or content that may help solve their problem, the more likely your website will be shown on the first page of the search. Nobody wants to end up on the second page of a search engine. After all, when was the last time you clicked on anything other than what was on the first page of your Google search?

Publishing content that is directed to your ideal prospect will help you rank higher on the search engines organically. If you are looking for a "cheap" way to market your business, content marketing is a great place to start.

A better understanding of your target audience

Having good content also means you can be found by more people who are looking for what you offer, which can lead to more visitors to your site. Once you have enough traffic coming to your website, you can check your metrics to see which content is popular amongst your visitors. This is important because you will want to create more content similar to the content that is trending on your website or social media so you continue to receive traffic.

Generating traffic to your website can lead to conversions such as phone calls, form submissions, emails, or purchases which will ultimately give you a better understanding of the audience and what they relate to.

Repurpose the content you create

Content marketing is a powerful tool for building your business. To make your content more valuable, you should repurpose it. When we say "repurpose," we mean taking your existing content from one medium and turning it into another. For example, if you already have a blog post on your website then you should create a graphic for that blog and share it on your social media channels. This will create engagement amongst your audience which could lead to more traffic, leads, and even sales. See our list of ideas to repurpose existing content you have below!

1. Repurpose a blog post by sharing it on social media and including it in your email newsletter.

2. Repurpose a blog post by creating a video about it and post it on social media.

3. Use your social media posts to create an infographic or e-book.

We hope that this marketing tip provides you with information on how to make content marketing useful when it comes to growing your business. If you need help creating new content or repurposing existing content you own, then reach out to our team so we can create a content marketing strategy tailored to your audience! To get started with our content marketing team, call (713) 965-7370 or schedule online by clicking the button below!

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Written by Adam Hundley

Published on August 31, 2022

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