Marketing Tip #14

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A well-written blog post can do wonders for your brand and is a must-have for your website. It will increase your visibility, it can help drive sales, and it can even help you build a reputation as an expert in your field. However, if you are not careful, your blog can be a waste of time, or worse, it can turn into a self-promotional tool. Many businesses are turning to blogs as a way to increase traffic, generate leads and build a following of loyal customers.

By creating a blog, you can easily add value to your products or services and your business will naturally grow by increasing your search engine rankings if you are paying attention to the keywords you are targeting. Why does this matter? It will help drive traffic to your website and help increase online conversions. A blog is a good place to build authority and credibility. Your blog will not only help you with SEO, but will also educate your target market and provide them with more information about how your business can help them solve their problems.

So, how do you know if your blog is worth your time?

The first thing to do is to identify your target audience. Ask yourself who are you writing for? Is it for the entire world? Or are you targeting a specific niche market?

Once you know what your audience is, look at their needs. What topics are they interested in? Do they have questions about a particular topic or subject matter? If so, write a blog post that answers those questions. The more value you provide, the more interest you'll draw in from readers. You should make your blog post interesting and intriguing enough to get people to not only click on it but read it until they get to the end. The last thing you want is for someone to land on your page and click away. Make it interesting and worth their time! Then, if they like the content, they will want more (this is where you should have a button for them to click to subscribe to your newsletter).

You can also find your niche by doing some keyword research. Look for terms related to your product or service that people are searching for online. With keyword research, you can get detailed insight into what your audience is looking for. You want to write a blog post that will help them answer their questions and leave them feeling fulfilled with the answers you provide.

Depending on the blog you are writing, you may also be able to re-purpose that content from your blog into other pieces of marketing material (like for social media, for example). Here are some ideas of how to re-purpose your blogs for other marketing campaigns:

YouTube Videos: Your blog could serve as a script for a video you can upload to your YouTube channel or podcast.

E-Book or Guide: As you grow your library of blogs on your website, you can create an e-book or guide to offer as a free download and use as a lead magnet.

Social Media: Create a graphic centered around your blog topic and post on your social media announcing your new blog (be sure to link to your blog in the post).

Email Newsletter: You should always link to your blog post in your email newsletter. This gives your list the opportunity to click to land on your website (and share the link with their friends and family).

Don't have the free time to write your own blogs?

This is something that you can also outsource. Writing your own blog is a great idea, but it can be a daunting task and require a lot of time and energy. If you are too busy to write your own blogs, outsourcing them can be a great solution. As a business owner, this is not something that should be completed by you. Hiring the right agency to provide your website with blog content will lift a burden off of your plate. They can research keywords and write content based on what you want and who you want to read your blogs. An agency is able to incorporate keywords throughout your post to help you with your search engine rankings.

You are probably already outsourcing some of the work you do, so why not outsource blogging, too? HTX Marketing Group has experienced copywriters on standby to create compelling blog copy for your website. If you do not write well, or just simply do not have the time to complete your blog content yourself, HTX Marketing Group is here to help so you can focus on actually running your business. If you are needing consistent blogs, schedule your free strategy call online or call us at (713) 965-7375 today!

Written by Adam Hundley

Published on December 31, 2021

Adam is the Founder of HTX Marketing Group. After realizing an unexpected passion of helping small businesses grow when growing the marketing department at a local law firm, he decided to turn his passion into a bigger project and founded HTX Marketing Group. He strongly believes in working in tandem with business owners and their staff to ensure that the businesses they worked hard to open sees the growth and success to keep them going.

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