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5 Simple Rules for Making the Most Out of Your Facebook Ads!

Facebook ads can be an amazing tool for selling your products and services if you know what you are doing and how to optimize a Facebook ad campaign. In this blog, we are going to tell you our 5 simple rules you must follow if you are going to maximize your profits from your Facebook ads.

Isn't Spending Money on a Facebook Ad a Waste?

Facebook ads are some of the cheapest forms of advertising in comparison to other paid ad campaigns. Facebook ad campaigns tend to rank very high in a return on your investment (ROI). However, they are also one of the most misunderstood forms of advertising. If you have never run a Facebook ad and do not know how to optimize it for the results you want, you can waste a lot of money. If you follow the following rules that HTX Marketing Group follows and you use them correctly, you will have the potential to make serious profits off your ad spend.

The first thing you need to know is you CAN make money with Facebook ads! If you follow these rules about marketing on Facebook, you will soon have a profitable social media ad campaign!

1. Set A Goal (And Expectations) For Your Ad Campaign

The first thing you should do when establishing any kind of marketing campaign is to set an end goal along with expectations. It is important when setting expectations for your campaign for them to be realistic. If you set unrealistic expectations for your campaign, then you are going to be setting yourself up for disappointment if your ad does not perform as well as you are expecting the first time around. The most effective campaign is when you set your expectations low and then exceed them when you achieve your end goal. Your goal should not only be centered around the results you want, but also how to achieve them, what your budget goal is for a set timeframe, and how to constantly improve your ad going forward.

2. Create A Detailed Description of Each of Your Customers

Once you know what you want your campaign to do, you need to determine who you want your campaign to reach. For your ad to be remotely successful you will need to know exactly who your ideal customer or client is. You should have a detailed description of your ideal prospect before beginning any marketing campaign. Some campaigns may target different people, but all your campaigns should target who you are wanting to get in front of and be seen by. If you have not yet created a detailed description for your ideal prospect, try asking yourself the following questions:

Who is the primary target for this campaign?

What does the prospect for this product or service need?

Why is the person who is purchasing your product or service buying it?

Your description of the ideal person you are advertising to (we like to call this person your avatar or ideal client) should be as descriptive as possible. The description should include things like their demographic, their lifestyle (behaviors), their interests, and their values. Pinpointing your ideal customer is an essential part of your business model and will help you craft the perfect ad for your business.

3. Target the Customers You Want to Reach

Once you have crafted the detailed description of your avatar, you now know exactly who you are going to be advertising your product or service to. You know what they want, how they want it, and exactly where they are on the web (in this case it is Facebook since we are launching a Facebook ad campaign).

When creating an ad campaign on Facebook, it allows you to target your audience based on the details you have determined about your customer. We strongly suggest creating "audiences" that you can reuse on other ad campaigns. It takes a few minutes upfront, but you will save a lot of time in the long run. Ensuring you are targeting the description of your avatar will help your ad perform and produce the results you want.

4. Your Ad Should Speak to Your Avatar

People tend to be attracted to images, so the more vivid and detailed your product description is, the easier it will be for your potential customer to visualize themselves using your product. While selecting an image or video for your ad is very important, so is the message you will convey. The more confident you are about the product, the more confident your potential customer will be in purchasing your product or service. One of the best ways to do this is by writing copy that speaks to your avatar's pain points. For example, if you're selling an app that targets small businesses, your copy should address issues that these businesses face. That might include things like reaching more customers, finding the most qualified leads, and how they can generate more leads.

If your copy is about an individual, then the idea is to paint a picture of that person and allow them to visualize how their life or circumstance may be better after buying your product or engaging in your services.

You should also identify what the result of the customer doing what you are asking them to do will be. This is where you can build a sense of urgency. Creating a sense of urgency is critical when creating an ad that will speak to your prospect. What will happen if they don't engage with your services? What will they be missing out on if they don't buy from you? You will want to give them a reason to purchase from you or schedule with you as soon as they see your ad.

5. Measure the results

Measuring the results of your campaign is the only true way of knowing how successful it is. Facebook provides very similar analytics that Google provides and is going to be essential to review throughout the time your campaign is running. You can find the results of your Facebook ad by navigating to the "Insights" tab on your business page.

The main metrics you will want to focus on are cost per click (how much it costs you on average to get a click on your ad) and the click-through rate (how often people on Facebook click on your ad). Depending on the results you see, you may want to alter your ad. The slightest change in your copy, image, or video that is used could help the performance of the ad and drive more revenue to your business.

Want To Know More?

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Written by Adam Hundley

Published on October 5, 2021

Adam is the Founder of HTX Marketing Group. After realizing an unexpected passion of helping small businesses grow when growing the marketing department at a local law firm, he decided to turn his passion into a bigger project and founded HTX Marketing Group. He strongly believes in working in tandem with business owners and their staff to ensure that the businesses they worked hard to open sees the growth and success to keep them going.

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